Developing visual perception is fundamental for every event in our life.
“Observing silence” means to respect it not only visually, but also by paying attention to live and watch our own, but also others’ behaviour.

Percezione dello spazio - Paolo di Capua



Enchanted by Donatello’s low reliefs, I developed in the contemporary sense, an idea that allowed me to show in different ways the real nature of materials used.

Rilievi - Paolo di Capua



They often hide an array of works. Not always though. Sometimes it is necessary for me that an idea itself focuses on its own essential simplicity, the set of thoughts from which it originates.

Opere singole - Paolo di Capua



After forgetting to look for a style, I found out the necessity to make sure that each gesture had a specific meaning. For each idea, that stems more or less from the previous idea, I prepare to a fair amount of risk and uncertainty.

Distrazioni - Paolo di Capua



I conceive my drawings always as strictly related to the projection of mental landscapes.

Disegni e libri - Paolo di Capua